Foods Not To Eat While You Are Pregnant

One feels euphoric when they find out they are expecting. It is crucial to come up with regular routines and safety measures that will assist to keep you and the baby away from danger. Though you require eating a bit more than usual, during pregnancy you have to be very watchful of your food choices.The following are types of food that you should avoid at this time.

Alcohol And Cigarettesjbhbth

For a long time, alcohol and smoking are known to generate a host of health problems. You must avoid them, particularly when expecting, to avoid delaying the growth of the baby’s brain.

Unripe Papaya

Fruits and papaya, usually, have to be cleaned before you have them as they have parasites on the outside. Unripe papaya may lead to a uterine contraction that may harm the baby, so it is not safe at all. Make sure you eat ripe fruits.


Pineapples are loaded with vitamins and minerals, with some that can even heal stomach diseases, although they are not safe during pregnancy. It is thought that they can provoke a miscarriage, particularly in the initial stages of the pregnancy. Moreover, they have an ingredient identified as bromelain that induces diarrhea.


Meat contains salmonella and coliform bacteria which is not fit for expecting women. Freshly prepared meat is excellent, but you have to be careful of rewarmed meat since it may contain dangerous Listeria.


cceceeHaving fish in your regular diet is ideal for the baby and you, though it is recommended to avoid sea fish because it has mercury content as not all fish are bad. If this mercury models up in the body, it will hurt not only the unborn baby but also your nerves and brain.

Juice And Milk

Pasteurized yogurt and milk are the only exceptions when it comes to milk for expecting moms. Cheese and anything with raw milk is not safe. If you should take juice, then guarantee that it is also pasteurized.


It is advised that you need only a cup of chocolate, tea, or in a day. Going past that takes the all-important nap that you want. Too much caffeine can cause also result to abortion and also hinder healthy weight gain in the baby.

When you are pregnant, you should be very careful, and avoid the foods mentioned above by all means. Ensure safety of the child by changing your habits and usual routine.