Practicing Parkour entails physical training which is aimed at developing an individual’s ability to endure obstacles and emerge victorious in battles that are plagued with physical hardships. Also, parkour helps you to improve your mental strength and endurance levels so that you are well equipped to withstand pressure and make clear-headed decisions in impossible circumstances. Various types of gears are required to practice successful parkour, and the most essential one is parkour gloves.

People wear gloves for different reasons. These reasons could be informed by weather, work, sport or training among others. Gloves are designed to protect your hands from conditions that are adverse and dangerous if the hands are left uncovered. Regardless of the activity, it is tenable to assume that your hands have the best grip. Your hands are “handy” in situations where your body needs support, movement or resistance. All these activities require the application of force and energy, and therefore gloves are instrumental because they ensure that your hand is well cautioned from any adversity. In this regard, parkour gloves are meant to protect your hands against adversity.

However in the market today, there are various types of parkour gloves, and it could be confusing and tedious when you are Picking the Best Freerunning Gloves. Nevertheless, there are qualities that could guide you in these selection process.

Strategic design

The gloves should be designed in a way that gives you the best grip and allows your fingers to exercise maximum strength as opposed to some gloves that inhibit strength. If the design is not suited to your function, then the gloves are rendered inadequate, and this could be dangerous when practicing parkour. Parkour exposes you to situations that are harmful to your body if not executed meticulously.

Good grip

Most importantly you should procure a glove has a firm grip. Essentially your hand has a good grip without the gloves, and therefore you should aspire that the grip held by your glove feels comfortable and natural.


It is important that the glove that you will use in parkour-practicing can absorb sweat rather than accumulate it. Parkour activities are intense, and it is inevitable that you will perspire. Therefore your gloves should be adequate enough to cool your hands and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the practice session.

Size and style

The size should not be small, and neither should it be big. It is essential that the glove fits impeccably well without the slightest discomfort. The two types of gloves include full finger and fingerless gloves, and you thereby have an option to pick one that blends with your style and personality.