An enema can be used for more than just relieving constipation and achieving regularity. Supplies from Aussie Health Co can also be an efficient way to cleanse the lower intestinal tract. Several different types of enemas can be used to cleanse the colon and even heal some digestive tract issues. You can choose from a number of natural ingredients, each with their unique properties.

Common Enemas

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A common ingredient used in enemas for promoting healing is aloe. Aloe can aid in the healing of irritated colon walls and help reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Aloe is natural and since the body absorbs most of the liquid introduced into the colon through an enema, the aloe has an almost immediate soothing effect.

Coffee Enema

A coffee enema is an excellent choice for detoxification. An enema containing coffee helps the liver detoxify and produce additional bile that flushes the small intestine. Because it contains caffeine, a coffee enema can also contribute to promoting regularity.

Garlic Milk Enema

Choose garlic or milk thistle enemas for their powerful antioxidant properties. Garlic is a natural detoxifier and useful for preventing infections. Milk thistle is also a natural antioxidant that promotes liver function. It contains silymarin, a flavonoid complex that has shown evidence of improving liver function, reducing the growth of prostate cancer cells, and controlling blood sugar.

Types Of Enemas

Other types of enemas, including ones made with mineral water or containing Epsom salt, glycerin, or vinegar, can also be an effective means of cleansing. If you have specific health concerns or previous intestinal conditions, you should check with your doctor before introducing an ingredient-specific enema to your colon. The gradual introduction of the liquid causes rapid expansion and complete evacuation of the lower intestine which can relieve constipation, promote regularity, and cleanse the colon of toxic waste. The intestines absorb the liquid and its ingredients much like a sponge absorbs water.

wsedfawszdfsedfYou should introduce the liquid at a steady pace but doing so too quickly can cause bloating, cramps, swelling, and even intestinal damage. If you have symptoms of intestinal irritation, including rectal bleeding, tarry or bloody stools, or stomach cramps or pain, you should check with your doctor or health care provider before administering an enema.

An enema can be used as both a treatment for constipation and for prophylactic purposes such as cleansing. Choose an enema with natural ingredients and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for preparation and administration. Do not use enemas too frequently or if you have suffered adverse reactions to enemas in the past. Men over the age of 50 should have regular colon screenings as recommended by their primary health care provider regardless of their colon care regimen.…