Amniotic fluid is a clear substance, sometimes yellowish in color, that surrounds the fetus in the womb to cushion it against any kind of shock. It is mostly formed during the first three months of pregnancy.

What is it?htibrmv

In layman’s terms, it is commonly known as ‘water’ that breaks when the baby’s time to be born is due. To some women, it leaks even before the appointed time of delivery.

Functions of the amniotic fluid

Helps the baby to move around freely in the womb. The reason for moving around is to allow for the proper bone formation of the developing baby.

  • Helps in proper lung development of the baby
  • The lungs are formed when the baby inhales the amniotic fluid and releases it regularly.
  • Ensures that the baby is surrounded by the right temperature and avoids the loss of heat.
  • In the case of a slight accident or when the mother has to make a sudden movement, amniotic fluid protects and cushions the baby from getting affected in any way thus protecting it from harm.

How To Tell If You’re Leaking Amniotic Fluid

Usually, the muscles of the pelvic floor are weak during pregnancy, and this leads to the involuntary flow of urine. You must first learn to differentiate between the color of urine and amniotic fluid if you want to know how to tell if you re leaking amniotic fluid. For a healthy woman, the color of urine should be clear, but it has to have an odor, on the other hand, amniotic fluid has a white or yellow color. One way to know if you are leaking amniotic fluid is by first ensuring that your bladder is empty. Take a pad and place it on your underwear then put it on for 30 minutes to an hour. Afterward, remove it and examine it to determine whether you are leaking amniotic fluid.

Another way is when you have no control of the discharge from your vagina. You can tell if urine leaks because your pelvic muscles are holding it in, but amniotic fluid flows steadily and continuously.

You can also tell when the discharge from your vagina has some spots of white mucus or just a little bit of blood.

Amniotic fluid is clear, runny and odorless, unlike urine or any other discharge.

Causes of Amniotic Fluid Leaks

  • Amniotic fluid is the body’s natural way of getting ready for the whole process of labor.
  • An infection that has been left untreated could be another cause for the flow of amniotic fluid.
  • Cervical surgeries that have been conducted in the past could have been left unresolved leading to the flow of amniotic discharge.
  • A sudden injury or physical blow to the amniotic sac such as an accident or fall.

lgkernvmeLifestyle is a big contributor to the uncontrolled flow of amniotic fluid. The consumption of drugs such as smoking or even alcohol will cause hormonal imbalance. Also, an unbalanced diet during pregnancy will cause the flow of amniotic fluid.

How To Treat Amniotic Leaks

  • Avoid sexual intercourse at this time as it could only make matters worse.
  • Avoid douching or inserting anything such as tampons into your vagina.
  • Visit your healthcare provider to begin treatment right away.